“… And he went out.”

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This pasrt wek I rediscovered a friend. No, it wasn’t a forgotten high friend that I haven’t talked to in years.  No, it wasn’t a church friend whose children grew up alongside mine who no longer goes to my church. This forgotten friend is a book given to me by first college roommate — a » Read More

100 Verses

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Would you like to memorize 100 verses with little effort?  If so, I have just the right way to do it.  Robert J. Morgan wrote a book called 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know.   Morgan makes it easy to memorize and he does it in a systematic way as well. In the first forty-four pages » Read More

Confess with Your Mouth

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I recently joined a Discipleship Group and together we are studying the Old Testament, learning practical skills, and memorizing scripture. Last week’s verses were familiar one to me, but as I took them apart word by word and thought about what I was memorizing, I saw the verses in a fresh way. The verses for » Read More

Scarecrows in a cucumber field

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“Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field.” (Jeremiah 10:5) These words of the LORD God through the pen of Jeremiah evokes a colorful image in my mind. What is a scarecrow and what does it do? A scarecrow is a funny-looking, hay-stuffed doll-like figure attached to a pole in the middle of a » Read More

Psalm 1:1 — Choices

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My post yesterday about the majesty of God and how we are losing our sense of the awesomeness of who God is prompted me and a friend to make a promise to each other. We would read a Psalm each day and ask the question: who is God and what is He like? So, today » Read More