Learning the Books of the Old Testament — It’s not hard!

24th March, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - 1 Comment

The names are hard to pronouce and even harder to remember. Thirty-nine books of the Old Testament — but it’s really very easy to memorize them. You just have to make it simple. Start by remembering this: 5 – 12 – 5- 5-12. 5 – Books of Moses commonly called the Pentateuch       Genesis, Exodus, » Read More

Looking for God

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If the Bible is God’s story, why do we read the individual Bible stories as though God is in a supporting role while Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the other Bible  characters are depicted as heroes of the faith? When we read about Noah and his ark, do we focus on Noah and his actions or do we » Read More

“Remember when …?”

4th March, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Children love to play the “remember when …” game. Sprawled in front of the fireplace or buckled into their seatbelts in the car, they eagerly recall stories from their family’s past. But it’s not just children who like to play this game. Sitting around the diningroom table, my grown sons often reminisce about the past. » Read More

A New Name

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Did you notice? The Bible For Children series has a new name. These three words – God’s Great Covenant – will communicate more completely what makes this Bible course for children distinctive. Let’s look at what those words tell us. Holman’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary defines covenant as “an oath-bound promise whereby one party solemnly pledges to » Read More