Why I Like Homeschool Fairs

24th June, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Ever since I was a child, I couldn’t sell anything. That includes Girl Scout cookies and band candy.  And when my boys began selling things for scouts and soccer, it wasn’t any easier. Going door to door, taking forms to my workplace, all of it was painful.   So, if I hate selling things, why do » Read More

GGC for Family Devotions

23rd June, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

In my conversations with families, this question has come up several times: “Do you have anything we could use  for family devotions?”  The God’s Great Covenant series is primarily a Bible curriculum. It tells the story of the Bible narrative. There are some ways, however, that you can use the books in a devotional way. 1) One » Read More