The Meaning of One, Two, Three

21st June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - 3 Comments

As a writer I like to read books on writing techniques, and the most recent book I’m reading is entitled Writing Tools (50 Essential Strategies For Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark.  Tool 20 is this: Choose the number of elements with a purpose in mind. One, two, three, or four– each sends a secret message to the » Read More

To North Carolina and Back Again

20th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

It takes only eight hours. I am still amazesd that I can wake up in North Carolina and be home in Pennyslvania before dark. Almost four hundred miles! The modern interstate system shrinks the country, and in a borrowed SUV over the course of three days my son Aaron and I transported boxes of books and DVDs » Read More

A Blog Challenge

10th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - 2 Comments

It’s summer and all the CSI, Law and Order, and NCIS shows are reruns. There’s not much interesting on television. (There, you know what kind of television shows I like.) On Saturday after a crazy, busy day of housework, I needed something relatively mindless to watch. A friend had given me the DVD of Julia & Julie » Read More

Hello Richmond!

6th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

I’m off again this week — this time to Richmond, Virginia, to HEAV’s (Home Educators Association of Virginia) homeschool convention. It’s another opportunity to talk about CAP’s books and meet some wonderful people. If you are reading this blog and plan to be at the conventionn, take a minute when you get there to stop by » Read More

Holiness — An Attitude of the Heart

6th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - 2 Comments

The Lord calls us to be holy. As the teacher’s notes in GGC:OT2, Chapter 1 says, holiness is primarily an attitude of the heart, not a way to behave. When we become believers, something  strange happens to us. God changes our hearts. Over time we begin to think differently and have different values. What we desire » Read More

The God Who Sees

4th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

“You are the God who sees me. I have now seen the One who sees me.” Hagar spoke these words after she had run away from her mistress Sarai (Genesis 16). What put Hagar in this desert place was sin. Hagar had despised Sarai because she (Hagar) had become pregnant to Sarai’s husband Abram when » Read More

Three Important Words

4th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

I was enjoying talking about the God’s Great Covenant series with the young pastor and his wife at the Florida Parent Educators Association homeschool fair in Orlando last week. Then the wife said the three words that I believe are a good description of CAP’s Bible series for children. What are those words? Redemptive … » Read More