Obeying God is Scary

25th July, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

“Obeying God is scary.” I wrote these words in the introduction to Unit II of God’s Great Covenant: Old Testament 1.  Obeying God was scary for Abraham because he left everything he knew for a life that would be a total surprise.  He didn’t have an encyclopedia, the internet, or a GPS so he couldn’t know anything about the land to which he was headed. What Abraham did have was the promise that God would be with him and lead him. He had God’s words, “I will be your God, and I will bless you.” He had the promise of the covenant.

What is God’s covenant?  God’s covenant is stronger than a promise or a contract. It is an unbreakable agreement, or an arrangement, whereby God declares that He will be the God of His people, and He gives them all the benefits of being His children. These covenantal promises are backed up by the unshakable nature of who God is. We can be 100% certain that this sovereign, all-powerful, totally good, and constantly faithful God will do what He says.

Obeying God is scary for me, too. There are so many things about my future that are uncertain. and the it’s only going to get more uncertain as I get older.  So, what does God’s covenant mean to me?

It means that God is my God and He’s for me.  I am safe in His hands. No matter what happens, I can trust Him.  He expects me to obey Him, and He assures me that when I do the right thing and follow Him, He will bless me. It means that I don’t have to be afraid to obey God because He loves me and whatever He brings into my life is only for my good.

Although obeying God can be scary, not obeying God is even scarier because when I disobey, I put myself outside the circle of God’s protection.

When I read about God’s covenant in the Old Testament, I am learning about God’s love for me as well. What an amazing thing that God has promised to be my God and I can be His child!

(NOTE: God’s promise is the theme of Unit II of God’s Great Covenant: Old Testament 1.)

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