Crises bring opportunities!

28th July, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

“I do not like crises; but I like the opportunities which they supply.” (Sir John Reith, Director General of the British Broadcasting Corporation)

I found this quote in a commentary on the Gospel of John while preparing to write chapter 25 of God’s Great Covenant: New Testament 1 – The Raising of Lazarus. The commentator introduced this quotation with these words: “The design of God is that every one of us should be a living proof of his power. Our task is not so much to commend Christ in words — against which an argument can always be produced — but to demonstrate in our lives what Christ has done for us.”

The death of Lazarus was a crisis for Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ sisters, and for Jesus who was Lazarus’ dear friend. When the sisters sent word of Lazarus’ illness and asked Jesus to hurry lest Lazarus should die, Jesus purposely delayed going to their home in Bethany. Why? Jesus’ said that this sickness would be for God’s glory. And it was, though initially it didn’t make sense why Jesus didn’t go quickly and heal his friend. Raising Lazarus from the dead was a greater miracle than healing his illness. This miracle made it obvious that Jesus was more than a mere man.

All through the Bible we read of crises. Joseph was sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers and eventually ended up in Pharoah’s prison because of the lies of Potiphar wife. Joshua faced the crisis of the walled city of Jericho, and Daniel locked eyes with a ferocius, hungry lion.  These crises are certainly bigger than anything I will have to face. In these stories, as in so many others,  the crises led to a miraculous demonstration of God’s power when the person exercised faith in Yahweh, the covenant God.

I don’t like crises anymore than Sir John Reith or Joseph or Daniel. In last several years I have had family, financial, and health crises. I even was fired from a job I really loved. What a surprise that was! Looking for the opportunities for God’s glory in these crises hasn’t always been easy. What about you? Are you able to see God in the middle of your crises? He’s there, but you have be to looking for Him. And when you look hard enough, you really can see Him.

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