A Lesson from Pencils

29th July, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Tonight I had a lesson about pencils. All of us know about the “#2 lead pencil.”  That’s the ordinary lead pencil that most of us use for writing. But did you know about the 4B or HB  or 3H pencils?

My son collects pencils and can identify them by the size of the lead or the color of the farrell (that’s the metal top of the pencil that holds the eraser in place, and I hope I spelled it correctly).  The “HB” pencil lead is the same as the ordinary #2 lead pencil. The hard, thin leads are the “H” pencils, and the higher the number, the narrower and harder the pencil writes. The same with the softer, wider lead “B” pencils.

It was interesting to write with the various pencils from the very soft 4B drawing pencil to the fine-lined 4H pencil.  I preferred the softer pencils, because I liked the smooth feel of the pencil on the paper. As the pencil slid across the page, I could almost imagine myself an artist.  But the hard pencils felt sharp and brittle, and I was afraid that they would tear the paper.

Is it crazy to be writing about pencils on this blog? As I thought about what I had learned, it became a good object lesson for me.  As the Lord works through me, I want to be a soft pencil in the Lord’s hand that draws a beautiful picture that brings glory to God.

And I must admit, I never thought that my conversation about pencils would be more than showing interest in my son’s hobby. But it caused me to reflect upon my willingness to be an instrument of God’s grace in people’s lives, and I realized there are object lessons all around me.

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