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21st August, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

In GGC:OT 2 I gave each of the prophets a name based upon either the content of the prophet’s message or the way he proclaimed his message. These are not the only names that could have been used. If you were to give each of the prophets a name, what would you call him?

Here’s a teaching tool … pick one of the prophets. It would probably easier to start with one of the minor prophets. Read the book together, and then give the prophet a name. Two rules apply to this activity: 1) the name must accurately represent his message, and 2) no two prophets can have the same name.  Through this activity you will get to know these not-often-read or understood men of God. (Page 111 has a list of all the prophets with the names I assigned to them.)

I would be interested in hear what names you give the prophets.

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