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5th November, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

What’s one of the biggest tragedies for a writer? That’s easy — a crashed computer! It happened so quickly. One minute everything was working well.  Then computer hung up, and the strange clicking sound wasn’t a good sign. Poof!  The computer died. 

For one month I felt lost without my trusty computer, and of course, no blogging for me. Now I have my new ThinkPad and I’m up and running again.  Though my writing progress was stalled during my idle month (I couldn’t work on God’s Great Covenant — New Testament 1 on my October vacation), it was a refreshing time. But now, I’m refreshed and eager to move forward.

So, here ‘s my first blog post in two months, and I’m been busy retyping and recreating some files. It’s keeping me busy, but I’m using the time to reread and re-edit GGC-NT1. It’s a good review for me; the re-reading is getting me prepared to write the most difficult chapters in GGC-NT1. After my review, I’ll be writing Chapter 31 and praying hard as I find the right words to tell the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. How does anyone capture the horror of the cross? How do I describe God’s awesome act of redemption? I am excited to write the next chapters, yet I approach the task with a certain trepidation.

The Lord has given me words for two and three-quarters books, and He’ll continue to do so. When you think of the God’s Great Covenant series, please pray that God gives me wisdom.

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