Why a Story?

16th February, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

My three-year-old granddaughter Lauren loves stories. She likes to read the same book over and over again, and when I pause, she shouts out the next word.

Just like Lauren, we all love stories. whether fiction or non-fiction,  stories capture our imagination and grab our attention. Maybe that’s why so much of the Bible is written as a story. Basically, the Bible is not an encyclopedia, a systematic theology book, or a self-help guide to life and relationships.  The Bible discusses God’s relationship to man, the creature He made in His own image to reflect Him, and most of it is written as a narrative. The LORD didn’t want to just tell us who He was; He wanted to show us!  How better to do that than to write about Noah floating in the ark, the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, and David fighting Goliath. So, through holy men inspired by the Holy Spirit, the LORD recorded real events that happened to real men so that God’s people throughout the ages would know who He is and and how He relates to them. Of course, the main character in the story is God Himself.  All the other characters, Abraham, Moses,and David for example, were sinful men. They were heroes only so far as they acknowledged their dependence upon God and trusted in Him.

As you and your child go through the God’s Great Covenant series, remember that this is God’s story. He’s given you this story so you can know that He is holy, faithful, and good.

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