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20th November, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Though we don’t ever want to approach Scripture in a simplistic way, making Scriptural teaching short and simple enables more effective learning. One way to do this is through Rose Publishing’s pamphlets. Whether you want to know about the temple, angels, heaven, Paul’s life, names of Jesus, end times, denominational distinctives, or many other subjects, Rose Publishing has a seven-page fold-out pamphlet that summarizes the topic in simple terms. The pamphlets are made of heavy, glossy paper and are full-colored.  Using short text paragraphs interspersed with pictures, tables, and bullet lists, the pamphlets are appealing and understandable, and best of all, they fit nicely inside the covers of most Bibles.

Rose Publishing also has a handy 45-page Then and Now Bible Maps Insert booklet. The maps cover the timespan from Abraham to Paul with clear overlays that outline the geographical territories of modern-day countries and cities on top of the ancient maps. The booklet also contains a few diagrams, a few subject summaries (for example, a list of the judges, summary of Paul’s journeys), and a Bible history timeline. This booklet easily fits within the cover of your Bible.

I have the map booklet and a couple of the pamphlets and have found them very useful. Check it out on the Rose Publishing website

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