What’s unique about God’s Great Covenant?

2nd May, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - 2 Comments

I  go to homeschool fairs with Classical Academic Press for a number of reasons. I like to meet people … I like to tell people about CAP’s  books (because I believe they are the highest quality in every subject area).  I also like to browse the other vendors and examine the other Bible curricula and ask the question. “So, what makes God’s Great Covenant unique?  ”

God’s Great Covenant tells the chronological narrative of God’s story of redemption in simple words that a second or third grade child can read himself. The Bible is one story – all the stories are connected.  God is the main character and every lesson points to God’s faithfulness to His covenant.

As I look at other Bible curricula for kids, I see some common problems. Some of them talk about the stories but don’t TELL the story. Others tell the story but in the attempt to be engaging they elaborate on the story and include little facts that aren’t really in the Bible account.  (This is true in some child Bible story videos.) Still others arrange the books topically, making it difficult to get the whole flow of the historical account. Finally, some forget that God is the main character and the curricula becomes a moralistic treatise of what “good people” (like Abraham, Joseph, and Moses) did and how we should be like them.

Writing God’s story is an awesome responsibility. As I write I am constantly aware that children will read what I write, and  my words will be shaping what they believe the Bible says. I want them to get excited about the Bible. I want them to want to learn what God has said to His people without getting wrong facts or impressions. I also am aware how easy it is to forget God’s purpose in giving us the Bible account.

I know that in whatever way these books point children to the LORD and bring glory to Him is only by His grace. As I start New Testament 2 — Acts through Revelation, I would ask that you pray that the LORD would give me words that will bless your children and that I never forget why the LORD God gave us the Bible in the first place.


Just His Best

August 6th, 2010 at 8:14 pm    

We LOVE your study for our children and agree to all the reasons you stated above as to why we are so frustrated when we have searched for bible studies in the past. We are so thankful for the work the Lord has led you to do. :)

Claire Larsen

August 7th, 2010 at 2:29 am    

Thanks for your encouraging words. It is an awesome responsibility retelling God’s story for children. I learned so much by writing the books — it’s been a blessing to me and I’m glad whenever I hear they are a blessing to someone else. Thanks so much. Claire

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