Who was Bezalel and Oholiab and Why do I Need to Know About Them?

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What funny sounding names! These men never made the top ten list of Bible  heroes. Probably most people never heard of them.  But the LORD made a point to mention them by name in Exodus 31.

The LORD told Moses that He had chosen Bezalel and had filled him with His Spirit, but Bezalel was not a prophet and never became a priest. Bezalel was a craftsman. He was an expert in gold, bronze, silver, stone, and wood. He could cut gems and put them into elbaorate settings. He could carve  intricate designs into hard acacia wood and then with precision and perfection overlay his creations with gold or bronze. His hands  could chisel delicate molding and hammer out ornate figures from finest gold. In other words, he was an all-around master craftsman.

The LORD also chose Oholiab to work alongside  Bezalel , and together they supervised the team of tabernable craftsmen. 

What was most remarkable though was not the artistic skill of these two men.  In this short account of only six verses, the LORD wanted us to know that Bezalel and Oholiab were qualified and equipped to serve Him because they were filled with the Spirit of God.

Moses was a prophet,  Aaron was a priest, and these two men were artisans, yet each one had his specific role in establishing a people who could worship God.  I am a writer, and you … I don’t know who you are who, but both of us has a place in God’s Kingdom. As we let God fill us with His Spirit, we can make a difference!

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