The Right Person for the Job

7th May, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Last November I built my first ginger breadhouse. That is, I built it with lots of help from my husband and my granddaughter Lauren. We carted our precious gingerbread house kit all the way on the plane from Harrisburg to Orlando, being very careful of our precious cargo.

Saturday morning the three of us gathered around the kitchen island and began our project.¬† Building the structure of the house was easy. The gluey icing stuck the pieces together easily and within minutes the shape of the house was finished. What I didn’t realize¬†was that was the easy part!

My husband, much more patient with working with his hands than I am, slowly outlined the doors and windows of the house. Little Lauren supervised the operation, kneeling on the high stool and bending her head close to the house. Though the gluey icing works well as cement, its function as decoration is less effective. It wasn’t so simple to draw the panes of the windows.

Lauren looked at the house, then at her grandfather, and said, “Grampa, you’re smearing the icing all over the windows.” My husband had to admit she was right. She kept watching and then with her three-year-old wisdom said, “Grampa, I know you’re doing the best you can, but I’m not sure that you’re the right person for this job.”

Lauren’s innocent, but insightful words, reminded me of what the gospel’s all about. You and I are sinners. We’ve made a mess of our lives, and hard as we try, we can’t fix it. We just keep smearing up the job. Jesus came as Savior to redeem us, and through His death the smear of our sin can be remedied. Jesus, and only Jesus, is the right person for the job. He alone is the Savior. He alone can forgive sin and make reconciliation with God the Father possible.

Once again, a three-year-old reminded me of an important theological truth.

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