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15th May, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

A month ago when I stopped in at the Classical Academic Press office I had a pleasant surprice. Chris Perrin reached into his trash can beside his desk and took out a CD. “You might like to have this,” he commented.  The CD was a draft version of the audio for God’s Great Covenant: Old Testament 1.

On the way home I popped the CD into my car CD player and listened. I heard the words I had written being read by Chris in a soothing, yet animated voice. At first I couldn’t believe that it was my words he was reading. What struck me as I listened was the simplicity of the marrative. But then, isn’t God’s story really simple after all?

I haven’t heard the whole story read (and I excited to get my own copy of the CDs), but what I’ve heard is really good. (I like it especially when Chris reads the words spoken by God Himself. His “God voice” has a firm, but compassionate tone.)  I could picture a small child, maybe someone like my four-year-old granddaughter Lauren, having quiet time in her room with the CD playing quietly beside her and listening in rapt attention to the story of God’s faithfulness.

Am I boasting? I hope not. Rather, I’m in awe that the Lord could use the abilities He has given me to communicate His love and grace to little children. I am amazed  how God can take an ordinary person’s passion and talents and accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God.

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