Holiness — An Attitude of the Heart

6th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - 2 Comments

The Lord calls us to be holy. As the teacher’s notes in GGC:OT2, Chapter 1 says, holiness is primarily an attitude of the heart, not a way to behave. When we become believers, something  strange happens to us. God changes our hearts. Over time we begin to think differently and have different values. What we desire and what disgusts us change as well. The Lord is separating us from the world around us, and we begin to have the mind of God. Though our behavior changes, the change is a deeper and more fundamental one — our hearts are different.

Being holy is not thinking we are better than other people. (Holy people can be accused of having “holier than thou” attitudes.”) A genuinely holy person knows she is not better than others. She is not more deserving of God’s grace. We are all equally undeserving of any good blessing that God graciously gives us. A holy person is a humble person who lives in gratitude before God.

Being holy is uncomfortable. Things that other people laugh at or find entertaining are disgusting to us, not because we want to judge others, but because these things are in some way mocking God’s good creation or taking lightly God’s holy commandments. Being holy sets us apart, and our holiness is not always welcomed by the people around us. In fact, sometimes our holiness is resented. We are truly separated, not because we want to be seen as “good,” but because we are essentially part of a different world. It’s not fun being out of step with everything around us.

What caused me to be thinking about holiness on this early Sunday morning? Once again, I’m learning spiritual lessons from the crazy television show “American’s God Talent.” I’ve seen some truly great talent on the show so far this summer. Michael Grimm and young Taylor (I forget his last name) have incredible voices and either one might go all the way, and the Mutly Crew (a team of show dogs) are fun to watch. But I wonder why some of the acts were chosen to be on national television and why the judges (who seem to be reasonable and intelligent people) have chosen some of the acts (one I thought to be revolting) to move forward.

Am I now being a “holier than thou” person? I hope not. My intention is not to judge and certainly not to elevate myself about others. I just feel different, maybe a little odd, a little off-kilter, from the world in which I live.

God chose Samuel before his birth to serve Him, and his entire life was different, his mission harder, because God had separated Samuel unto Himself. God has called each one of His children to holiness so don’t be surprised if some things in the world don’t make sense or you seem out of step with people around you. Just keep in mind who you are and be enouraged by God’s words spoken first in Leviticus and repeated in 1 Peter: “Be holy because I am holy.”



July 21st, 2010 at 4:39 pm    

Well said. Thank you for that. My son is in the middle of another bible curriculum right now. When he’s finished, I think I will purchase the entire GGC series. Are there any plans to add an online component to the series?

Claire Larsen

July 22nd, 2010 at 1:46 am    

Dena, Thanks for considering God’s Great Covenant as a curriculum for your son. I hope that both of you will find it a blessing when you start it.
Chris Perrin and the others from CAP are constantly coming up with new, creative ideas. One idea suggested was to have online devotional guides for each chapter. They have also said that they’d like to have a Bible component on HeadventureLand, maybe some animated clips. At this point, nothing is definite. All these pieces take time to create. If you as a parent have ideas, I’d love to hear from you. Homeschool moms have given me suggestions that I’ve been able to incorporate into the book series. Suggestions for online resources would be helpful, too. Please stay in touch. Thanks. Claire

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