To North Carolina and Back Again

20th June, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

It takes only eight hours. I am still amazesd that I can wake up in North Carolina and be home in Pennyslvania before dark. Almost four hundred miles! The modern interstate system shrinks the country, and in a borrowed SUV over the course of three days my son Aaron and I transported boxes of books and DVDs to the annual ACCS Conference in Durham, North Carolina, met many dedicated teachers and headmasters, and are now back home exhausted, but  satisfied with our trip.

For me the best part of any conference or homeshcool fair is meeting people. Aaron and I had opportunity over the past three days to talk with many teachers and headmasters personally. These educators talk about their goals and how they plan to reach them. I love their enthusiasm for teaching.

CAP can’t be all things to all teachers. One teacher’s vision doesn’t match another’s, yet I learn as I listen to each teacher talk, and in whatever way I can, I want to create curriculum materials that help teachers reach their visions.

While at the conference I sat in on one plenary session. George Grant spoke about second-fiddles — men who were behind some of the greatest reformation leaders. We recognize the names of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Hus, Zwingli. Most people have never heard of the second-fiddles who were their right-hard men, but without the faithful efforts of these second-fiddles, the Luthers and Calvins of history couldn’t have accomplished all that they did.

In a similar (and different way) I am a second-fiddle to all the teachers who use God’s Great Covenant books in their classrooms. I will never meet the students who read my books. I will never sit down beside them and in simple second grade words bring to life the greatness of God’s covenant faithfulness or the comfort of God’s sovereignty. I am the second-fiddle who writes the books so others can tell the story of God’s redemption to little children who need God’s good news.

As I sit by myself at my dining room table and type words into a computer, I am aware that some parent, teacher, or young child somewhere will one day read those words and what they read will shape their view of God. That thought gives me pause and also urges me forward to keep writing.

If you have bought a copy of God’s Great Covenant, I’d really like to hear any comments you have.

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