The Nature of Yahweh

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My son Aaron and I are working together writing the History For Children series. In the chapter on the Egyptian pantheon (a pantheon is the entire contingent of gods and goddesses that a civilization worships), I wrote the two paragraphs below on what a god is.

“What is a god? In most religions a god is a being who has great power. He may be a Supreme Being who has ultimate rule over all the heavens and the earth or he may be in charge of only a part of the earth such as the sun, the sky, or the sea……

“Deities may be gods or goddesses, and all have superhuman powers that an ordinary man or woman cannot have. Sometimes people believe their god(s)  are perfect in wisdom and goodness, but in many religions the gods are selfish, immoral, and unpredictable. No one dare make these deities angry because when a god becomes angry, bad things happen to a person or society. In every society people worship their deities, seeking their favor and fearing their wrath.”

Writing about the Egyptian deities, and earlier about the Mesopotamian deities, has made the comparison between these pagan deities and Yahweh, the God of the Scriptures, so vivid. The God of the Bible is the only Supreme Being and is perfect in all His qualities. He hates sin and shows His wrath against evil men, but Yahweh is never capricious, immoral, or unjust. Though the unrepentant should fear His wrath and all men should show Him holy reverence, Yahweh is not a God who must be appeased in order for us to please Him.

Some people see the God of the Old Testament as harsh.  Look closely and you see the only deity worshipped by man who is righteousnes, justice, and mercy in perfect union.

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