Don’t be a sky scanner!

28th August, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

What’s a sky scanner? When Jesus ascended into heaven, the apostles were left staring into the sky. Two men dressed in white told them, “”Why do you stand here looking up into the sky? This same Jesus who has been taken into heaven will come back again.”

This event, of course, is called Jesus’ ascension, and it’s important because of how it gives direction to  our lives. The angels told the apostles (and us) not to stare up to heaven for two reason. First, don’t keep staring into the heaven because Jesus is coming back, but staring won’t make it come sooner. Jesus was gone and they had to let Him go. He’ll return in His own time and in the same way He left. Second, don’t keep staring because there’s work to do until Jesus returns. Instead of staring upward, they needed to be looking forward and be faithful to serve  Him while they waited.  They were to be preoccupied with their mission on earth, not to be sky scanners.

That’s a message filled with hope. It’s hopeful because we know for sure that Jesus is coming back some day. It’s hopeful because He’s left each of us with meaningful, kingdom-purposeful work to do.

One of my three part-time jobs is working for CURE International, a mission organization that builds and manages hospitals in third world nations. Their primary focus is performing surgery on children born with congenital medical problems like club foot and cleft palette.  My role — buying medical equipment for the hospitals. Six months I knew nothing about resectoscopes, patient monitors, and specialized surgical instruments (and I still have limited understanding of what these items do), but I feel honored to be part of an organization that is  making a significant difference in many lives. So many people in this organization are dedicating their lives for children who have no hope, and through the surgeries and the spiritual encouragement they receive at the hospitals, the lives of the children and their families are changed forever.

Jesus didn’t want His people to be sky scanners. He wanted them to be waiting for Him, but at the same time to be busy about the work of the kingdom until His return. And, there are so many ways to do the kingdom’s business!

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