Why study history?

2nd September, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Today I spent hours immersed in Assyrian and Babylonian history. Like two brothers vying for attention and control, these two empires fought against each other for centuries. Understanding the flow of events that happened so long ago when historical records were few and written in dialects of ancient Sumerian langugages is challenging. At some point in my in my elementary school or high school I must have learned about Sargon of Akkad or Ashurbanipal of Assyria, but until I began working CAP’s History For Children project, I didn’t have a good idea of where these ancient leaders fit into history.

I’ve learned so much over the last several months, but one thing insight I’ve come to repeatedly is how important knowing ancient history is to a cogent interpretation of the narrative of Scripture. Why study history? you ask.  The Bible touches on history as God’s story moves through the Old Testament. The more I learn about the old kingdoms and empires, the clearer the story of God’s great covenant becomes.

The first History For Children is well underway. In the meantime, if you are studying Old Testament history with your children, I highly recommend taking time to review what was happening in Mesopotamia and Egypt during the same time periods.  It makes the exciting story of God’s love for come more alive and fit into the context of the whole of human history.

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