Help! Rescue Me!

20th October, 2010 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Why did Jesus die for your sin? If you answer, “so I can be forgiven and be with God in heaven eternally,” your answer is correct, but it’s not Paul’s response in Galatians 1:3. In his introduction to the Epistle of Galaitans Paul  wrote that Jesus gave Himself for our sins “to rescue us from the present evil age.”

Why does Jesus have to rescue us from this present evil age? I see two reasons. First, we may not know that we need rescued from this present evil age and Jesus must snatch us away because we don’t realize the danger we are in. Even as Christians we can become so accustomed to living in the middle of this world’s culture that we are unaware that our thoughts, values, priorities, and actions are  stained by the world in which we live. We breathe its air; we walk in the comfortableness of what we experience.

 Help! Rescue me! I need to see the subtle dangers of this present evil age and reject the mindsets and lifestyles that oppose a biblical worldview.

Second, we know how the effect of the present evil age upon us, and realize how impossible it is to rescue ourselves. How do we change 

so that we think more like Jesus? How do we reject the self-centered values and self-entitlement assumptions that are so natural because we are immersed in their soupiness? Only Jesus can rescue us and give us a new way of thinking. Only by relying on God’s grace and meditating on God’s Word can we be pulled out of the sticky mudpits of this world’s way of thinking and doing.

Help! Rescue me! I can’t rescue myself and I need Jesus’ help.

It is the will of God the Father that we be rescued from this present evil age, and when we are, that dramatic rescue brings glory to God.

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