Prayer of Faith

21st March, 2011 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Prayer and faith are undeniably connected, but what does that connection look like? The “prayer of faith” is a Biblical idea that many misunderstand. If you pray the “prayer of faith”  with absolute confidence, is God obligated to answer your prayer? Do our prayers have some executive power to summon the power of God and demand that He answer our requests?

I’ve been reading a helpful book on faith (Deepening Faith, Dealing with Doubts, Coping with Trials, Getting Assurance by Peter Masters). Masters defines the prayer of faith like this: “we plead with God (for legitimate things) totally persuaded that if He chooses to bring these things to pass He will have no difficulty.” True faith recognizes that God is sovereign and that His wisdom and will is perfect. He knows what’s best and in His love and goodness, He does what’s best for us. Our faith is rooted in the character of God so we can confidently trust Him. Our faith doesn’t rest in the power of our prayer, but in the reliability of a God of perfection.  To me, that’s good news.

A prayer of faith glorifies God  and appreciates the goodness and kindness of God. When we are full of faith we understand that we are small and needy, but God is so very, very big!

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