First Day in Heaven

10th July, 2011 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

This week a member of my church died. Rick was a young man — only in his early fifties, but that ‘s young to me. It happened so fast — a massive stroke that no one expected. So what goes through my mind when a believer I know goes through that doorway to heaven?

Three years ago in March my father died. His death was not unexpcted. He had been in and out of hospitals for a year and was recovering from gall baldder surgery that had serious complications. It was no surprise, then, when we received the call on the Thursday after Easter early in the morning that he was gone.

All through that first day after he died, amid the busyness of all that must be done when a loved one dies, I kept going back to the thought, “What do you do the first day in heaven?” I pictured my Dad arriving in glory, being met by Jesus, and surrounded by people he knew. But what do you do the first day in heaven? Is it like the first day at a new job with all kinds of orientation tasks to do? How much time do you spend with Jesus?  Who shows you the ropes?

I could imagine tmy Dad’s reunion with his father who passed away over forty years earlier. I could imagine him meeting A. W. Pink, one of his favorite theologians, and having a serious discussion. But then again, maybe my imaginings are all wrong. Who really knows what you do the first day in heaven, but do we need to know?  The most important thing is that our present sufferings will be over and we will be in the presence of Jesus. This is the most important long-awaited reunion.

I think about my friend, Rick, and wonder what glories in heaven he’s experiencing now. 

Nobody knows when which day will be his last day on earth and his first day in heaven. I have many things left to do before I leave this world and enter the next — books to write, people to talk do, time to spend with my grandchildren. I want to finish them all. Yet part of me longs to see Jesus; part of me is eager for the day when I will find out firsthand what it is a person does her first day in heaven.

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