From Adam … All Men come

10th July, 2011 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

The Bible says that God created Adam, the first man, and from one of Adam’s ribs, God created woman. Adam and Eve, the first married couple, then had sons and daughters, and all people who live today can trace their geneology back to these first two people. All mankind comes from Adam.

In God’s Great Covenant all people also come from Adam. Of course, you say. You are retelling the Scripture story and that’s what the Bible says so that’s what GGC also should say. But, I don’t just mean, “all people come from Adam” in the Scripture narrative. I mean every one of the 3-D figures that are pictured in the books comes from the first pictured person, Adam.

Rob, one of CAP’s designers, created the 3-D picture that represented Adam. Then from this picture he made some modifications and created Eve. As he created each successive character, each one came from the original model of Adam. So … each  GGC character has the same “illustrative DNA,” so to speak.

I only recently heard about this interesting fact. Now as I look through the GGC texts, knowing how Rob created the characters is a helpful reminder to me of the way God created us. We all come from the same man Adam, and that link connects us in our humanity and in our sin. That also reminds me that even though in Adam we all die, in Christ we all can become alive because of His death and resurrection (Romans 5:15-17).

So, as you read GGC together as a family, remember our link to Adam, but more importantly, remember our link to Jesus Christ who gives us life.

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