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I received my copies of God’s Great Covenant: New Testament 1 today. The long awaited day finally arrived, and it is rewarding to see what I’ve written in print. So, tonight I’m browsing through the book, reading this and that.

GGC:NT1 is like the previous two books, yet has some important distinctives. How’s it the same? Like all CAP’s For Children  books, the chapter breakdown is the same: MEMORY PAGE, STORY PAGE, WORKSHEET, and QUIZ. (The quizzes are gathered at the back of the book.) After each unit, a REVIEW CHAPTER summarizes the unit and looks forward to the next unit and then provides four pages of review exercises. 

But, how’s it different? In the gospels we learn about how Jesus, the Son of God, fulfills the covenant — the same covenant that begins in Genesis and runs like a thread all through the Old Testament. To emphasize this, each chapter of GGC:NT1 identifies an Old Testament prophecy that Jesus fulfills. There’s so many prophecies about so many areas of Jesus’ life that it’s obvious that Jesus is the Messiah. Each chapter also gives some of the many ways that Jesus fulfills in the most complete way the roles of Prophet, Priest, and King.

In this book the memory verses are passages chosen to emphasize the name of Jesus that each unit describes. At the end of each unit is a memory verse passage that helps the student review the verses and understand their meaning. Also, each unit ends with a devotional exercise that makes what the students have learned have a personal application.

Finally, the unit ends with a narrative about Simon, a 10-year-old Galilean boy. What was life like for Jesus as a child? The stories about Simon, a fictional character, are designed to make Jesus’ life in Galilee come alive for the readers.

I enjoyed writing this third book of the God’s Great Covenant series, and I hope that everyone, student and teacher alike, learn a little more about what it means that Jesus is the Son of Man, God’s Servant, the Messiah, and the Son of God who loved us enought to live for us and die for us.

Do you have comments about this book? Let me know what you think.

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