Better or Worse — God never changes

2nd October, 2012 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Everything in life changes. From day to day the weather goes from hot to cold, my energy level goes up and done, nothing stays the same. When I start each day, I don’t know what my day will look like. Appointments are cancelled, new appointments made — I never know in the morning how many changes will happen. Being flexible is important.

Recently I’m been teaching theology to the women at my church. We have been discussing the attributes of God, one of them being immutability (unchangeableness). The immutability of God means that God always remains the same and never changes. His promises never change; His purposes never change; and His nature never changes. Though we are always becoming, God simply is.

If God ever changed for the better, then He wasn’t perfect before, and how can we now trust that God is “best” now? If God changed for the worse, how can a God of infinite perfection become worse or decrease in His abilities in any way?

If God is not unchanging, then the basis for our faith is in jeopardy, and the universe begins to unravel. But, our God is immutable, and our faith is secure and our God is faithful, because no one part of Him changes in the minutest way.

What does Scripture say about this? “I the LORD does not change.” (Malachi 3:6).  The more I have meditated on the immutability of God over the last week, the more I realize how absolutely critical this attribute is to the security of my life as a believer in Jesus Christ.

Think about immutability with your children. Name of the kinds of things that change, some for the better, some for the worse.  Then think about how things would be different if God changed in even the slightest bit. Finally, take time to thank the Lord for His immutability.


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