Is Anyone Listening?

9th October, 2012 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Does God really hear you when you pray?  When you pray do you ever feel like your prayers go no further than the ceiling?  That’s a common question that most of us have asked at some time in our life.

As part of my job working parttime at CURE International, I have to request pricing information and technical specifications from vendors that manufacture medical equipment. When I don’t have the name of a specific sales representative, I send an email out into cyber space with the address TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Then I wonder who will receive my honest request for information, will anyone answer me, how long will I have to wait?

In today’s world of iPhones, emails, and twitters, communication, instantly if possible, is part of life.  How frustrated we get when someone we’re trying to call has his cell phone turned off or we are in a dead pocket where cell phones are dead!  We want to talk now, not later, and we get so inpatient when we have to wait.

Our Heavenly Father is always present. When talking to Him,you don’t have to worry that His cell phone being turned off or being too far away from a cell tower. God is always present. He always hears you when you pray, and He listens and pays attention.  You can pray to your Heavenly Father about anything because He is always near and never far away.

If you ever wonder if anyone is listening when you pray, you can be certain that your Heavenly Father hears every word you say.



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