Thoughts on Deuteronomy #1 — God’s Grace to Edom, Moab, and Ammon

19th October, 2012 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

I’ve been reading Deuteronomy in the mornings and decided to blog on some of my devotional thoughts as I read through the book.

Today while reading chapter 2 I was struck once again by the greatness of God’s grace. Moses is talking to the Israelites about their final walk to the entrance of Canaan. As they travel, the LORD said, “Do not harass or provoke the Moabites to war,” and “do not harass or provoke the Edomites to war,” and “do not harass or provoke the Ammonites to war.”  Why would the LORD say this to His people?

The Edomites were the descendents of Esau, and the Moabites and Ammonites were descendants of Lot. These people groups were not Canaanites. They were people who had a blood connection to the covenant head, Abraham, but they were not God’s people. Even so, each of these people groups were enemies of the Israelites.

In making this command, God was showing grace to these peoples, grace that they didn’t deserve, but then none of us ever “deserve” grace.  Throughout Scripture these peoples gave the Israelites trouble; they harass them to war. Yet, the LORD instructs His people NOT to harass these enemies and to fight against them.

I was surprised to see God’s grace in this place that I wouldn’t have expected to see it. We know God’s grace is wonderful, and the more I read Scripture the more I find God’s grace in places I least expect it.

Where  have you been surprised by God’s grace in Scripture?

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