Acts — The New Testament Bridge

15th November, 2012 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

This was the week I began the fourth and final book in the God’s Great Covenant series. It’s been over two years since I finished God’s Great Covenant — New Testament 1 and over a year since this third book has been published. Now I’m ready, and very excited, to finish the story of God’s redemptive love. It’s been a long journey for me — I wrote the first book six years ago — but the process has been one of learning so many new things and coming to love the Lord so much more.

The first insight I’ve gotten from my study in Acts is to realize the importance of this last of the history books. Have you ever considered how many unanswered questions we would have if Luke had never written the book of Acts? For instance, how did Jesus’ resurrection from the dead change the disciples? How did the early church begin? Who was the Apostle Paul? How did all the churches to whom the epistles were written get started? How were a small handful of Jewish men able to take the gospel message to Gentile people throughout the Roman Empire?

Without Acts we would not know the end of God’s story of redemption. Without Acts we wouldn’t know the context of how the epistles fit into the greater story of God’s work in the world. Like a bridge, the book of Acts finishes up the story of Jesus’ ministry on earth and links the gospels to the epistles.

We could think up many “what if” questions relating to how our knowledge of God and His salvation would be different without the book of Acts. The main thing to remember, though, it this: we do have this wonderful book. As we allow it to instruct us by the Holy Spirit’s power, we will learn more about God’s work in the world today and more about the complexities of our own human heart. Follow along with me as I put into simple words complicated truth given by God for His people edification and encouragement.

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