“Remember when …?”

4th March, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Children love to play the “remember when …” game. Sprawled in front of the fireplace or buckled into their seatbelts in the car, they eagerly recall stories from their family’s past.

But it’s not just children who like to play this game. Sitting around the diningroom table, my grown sons often reminisce about the past. “Remember when we played in the snow in Gramma’s backyard?” Or, “remember when we climbed Pikes Peak with Dad and Uncle Joe?”

The Israelites played the “remember when …” game. In Psalms 105 and 106 and many of the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134) , the Israelites sang about events from their history and praised God for His faithfulness and deliverance.

We play the “remember when …” game so we don’t forget. We want to be connected, to have a history, and to belong. The LORD God knew we would be prone to forget, not just our family history, but our history with Him. All through the Bible, the LORD God gave His people reminders of His faithfulness to Him. Remember the rainbow? God wanted Noah (and us) to remember that He would never flood the entire earth again. Remember the passover? God wanted Israel to remember His protection from the angel of death and His mighty deliverance from Egypt. Can you recall other object lessons that God gave the Israelites so they would remember Him?

The greatest of God’s object lessons is communnion. The bread and wine shared within the community of God’s people keeps fresh in our minds the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

It’s important to remember God’s mercies and blessings to us individually, as a family, as a school classroom. Encourage your children to play the “remember when. ..?” game. What prayers has He answered? How have you seen God work through events or the lives of others? If we don’t talk about how God is working we may forget or we may miss what He’s doing altogether. Talking about God gives us a sense of identity as God’s children and of belonging to the community of God.

So, take some time around the dinner table, in the classroom, or at the next church gathering to say, “Remember when God …?”

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