The Treasure of the Heart

31st December, 2012 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Last week I saw the The Hobbit movie with my husband and my granddaughter. After seeing the movie, my interest Tolkien’s story was sparked a new and I reread the book I had read many years ago.

In reading the book, one thing stuck out. The love of gold was what brought destruction to the ancient dwarf king under the mountain, and the love of gold was almost the cause of the anhilation of the dwarf Thorin, son of Thrain son of Thror, and his companions who had recaptured the mountain with its pile of gold from the fierce dragon Smaug.

In ages past dwarves lived under the Lonely Mountain, and as time went on, they accumlated more and more gold. Not only did the gold pile up, but the dwarves’ attachment to the gold became stronger. When the goblins threatened, the dwarves protected their gold with the result that their kingdom was destroyed and many lives were lost. Over time the dragon took over the kingdom under the mountain and guarded the gold feriously.

The adventure in The Hobbit centered around killing the dragon and reestablishing the dwarves kingdom under the mountain. As impossible a feat as this was, the dwaves with the help of Bilbo the hobbit and Bard, the archer from Laketown, regained the mountain and the gold.

But, quickly the gold captured the hearts of Thorin and his band. Unwilling to share their treasure with the wood elves and the men of Laketown, the stubborn dwarves were determined to die rather than give away any part of their golden treasure.  It was only through the wisdom of the hobbit and an unexpected attack by a new generation of goblins, that the dwarves realized the power that gold can have when it is valued as the most important thing in life.

The dwarves worshipped their gold. It was their idol, and as it is with all idols, the idols always bring destruction. Jesus warned, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.”  How much we need to understand what the treasure of our hearts is and then realize the spiritual destruction and death that worshipping this treasure will bring. Once again, I was reminded that Jesus is the true treasure of my heart, and when He blesses me with good things, I need to hold them loosely and never make them more important the Him.

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