In the Beginning God …

15th April, 2013 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

What can you learn about God from one small verse?  Take Genesis 1:1 for instance: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  In these ten words God tells us much about who He is. Here’s a list of a few things:

1. God was in the beginning before anything existed — He is eternal. Before anything was, God was, and still is and continues to be. Whenever the beginning happened, God already existed.

2. God is a creative being. Think of all the different kinds of things He made.

3. God made everything. Nothing exists that God didn’t make.

4. God is separate from everything that was made. He is totally outside of creation and was never created Himself.

5. The Hebrew word Elohim (written God in our English Bibles) is a plural word. Why? Maybe it’s because God is a trinitarian God — three persons in one being. Maybe it’s because God is so immense, so mighty, so majestic that a singular word form doesn’t fit when referring to Him.

6. God is immense. He is a being that created not just our earth but the whole universe that is be big beyond our ability to comprehend.

7. The universe and our earth was created by a moral Deity, not an impersonal force. Therefore, there is a moral law, a right and a wrong, that is rooted in who God is.

8. God is a God of variety and beauty. Look at all the amazing things He created.

9. God is a God of order. The earth and the universe is not simply existing, but they are connected to an intelligent Deity that keeps everything working together.

10.. God is the owner of all creation.  He made everything so everything is His. He has the authority to govern and control everything, including us.

There are many aspects of God that are not revealed in this first verse of the Bible, but in just ten words God is telling us so much. Robert Morgan in his book 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know and Learn writes that Genesis 1:1 gives us two important guiding points for our life. First, Genesis 1:1 gives us roots. We are not blobs that accidentally happened as a result of some giant explosion or a mutation from some lower kind of life. We were created by an intelligent God. Second, Genesis 1:1 gives us routes. Because God created us we are connected to him, and that connection defines who we are and why we are here.

From one verse we can unearth much truth if we take time to meditate upon the words. Consider making this a practice: choose a short verse or phrase and find at least ten things the verse teaches you about God. Then as you repeat the verse over and over, remember these ten things and thank the Lord for how great He is.


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