Thoughts on Deuteronomy #9: Going my own way

31st May, 2013 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

“I will be safe, even though I persist in going my own way.”

Two things struck me when I read these words in Deuteronomy 29:19. First, I marveled at how well the Lord knows His people. He knows despite all the blessings He gives His people and how perfect is His constant presence with them to care for them and protect them, His willful people will chose to go their own way, thinking somehow it’s a better way. How foolish, ignorant, and stubborn God’s people (the Israelites in the Old Testament and us today) are, and yet how faithfully God loves us.

The second thought I had was this: in the thousands of years since this was written, people haven’t changed. People today believe this same lie and the Israelites hearing these words for the first time. Why do we really believe that going our own way is a safer, less dangerous way than following the way of righteousness and truth.

In Deuteronomy the LORD God is renewing the covenant once again with His people. The Israelites will soon lose their leader, the man who led them, prayed for them, taught them, and represented God for them. But they would not be going into the Promised Land leaderless. Joshua had been chosen to take Moses’ place. More importantly, the renewal of the covenant meant that the LORD God was going with them to guide them and conquer their enemies.

This generation of Israelites were a little different than the generation before them. They had spent their growing up years in the wilderness learning to trust the LORD. Like every generation of God’s people, they strayed, but here at the beginning they did trust the Lord (at least to some degree). We see their faith and trust throughout the book of Joshua.

How many of the people listening to Moses when he read the words of Deuteronomy 29:19 remembered them in the years to come? How many people were tempted to go their own way but were stopped by the warning of God’s Word?  God blesses us when we stay in His way. Why? Because righteousness allows us to experience God’s manifest presence in a deeper way, and because sin complicates our lives and pulls us away from God.

These words will be a good reminder for me as well. When will I be safe? Only when I’m under the protection of God’s beautiful commandments.


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