Psalm 1:1 — Choices

18th June, 2013 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

My post yesterday about the majesty of God and how we are losing our sense of the awesomeness of who God is prompted me and a friend to make a promise to each other. We would read a Psalm each day and ask the question: who is God and what is He like? So, today I started by reading Psalm 1.

It was the contrasts of verse 1 that caught my attention. The Psalm describes the blessed man. What does it mean to be blessed?  A blessed person is one who is content and peaceful in spirit knowing God looks upon him with favor.  This verse gives three things that make it possible for us to be blessed.

“Blessed is the man … who does not walk in the way of the wicked.”  How then shall we live?  Psalm 89:5 says, “Blessed are those … who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.” The choice is to walk either in the darkness of wickedness or in the light of God’s presence. It would seem that the choice here is obvious. Why then do we choose the way of sin? To walk in the light of God’s presence means that we need to choose holiness for no one who deliberately chooses sin can walk that close to the LORD.

“Blessed … not stand in the way of sinners.”  Psalm 37:38 says, “But all sinners will be destroyed; the future of the wicked will be cut off.”  The way of sinners is not only a dead end, but death itself.  Reading this verse in its context … Psalm 37:37 says that “there is a future for the man of peace.”  The choice here is destruction or a future. Once again, the choice should be easy. Why do we choose to stand with sinners?

“Blessed … not sit in the seat of mockers.”  Mockers or scoffers are filled with contempt, particularly contempt for the LORD of light, the LORD who gives us a future. Isaiah 28:14-15 describe scoffers as those who have covenanted with death, thinking they are safe. They are taking refuge and finding safety in a lie.  How tragic! How sad! How unnecessary when the LORD of light and peace and truth gives blessedness to those who choose to delight in His law instead of associate with sin.

Three choices: light versus darkness … a future versus death … truth versus falsehood. It should be easy, but my sinful heart struggles to walk in the light of the LORD.

O LORD, draw me closer to you and help me walk in the light of your presence today.

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