Psalm 2 — When God laughs

19th June, 2013 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Does God laugh? Yes, Psalm 2 says that He does,  but it’s not laughing as we usually think of laughter.

Psalm 2 talks about the nations of the world — how they rage and plot against God’s Anointed One (the Messiah, the Christ).  They plot, but all their plotting is in vain.

God who made the heavens and sits in the heavens as the King of the Universe laughs at the plots of the kings of the earth. Even when the nations’ kings conspire together, thinking that their combined knowledge and power can somehow succeed against the great King, it is all for nothing.

The LORD God laughs at the nations, and when He speaks to the rebel nations, He speaks in wrath, and the  intensity of His fury terrifies them. What is the LORD God’s answer to the nations who counsel against Him?  He says, “I have set my King on Zion, my holy hill.”

We look around the world today, and nations everywhere are raging. There are civil wars and nation against nation wars: there are rebel forces in Africa raping and starving their own people; and there are hostile nations getting close to producing the dreaded nuclear weapon. All around the world Christians are imprisoned, beaten, and killed. God’s people are persecuted, but it is the LORD God who is ultimately the target of the hatred. Looking at all this it sometimes appears that the world is out of control. How can God be King of this world?

The LORD assures us that He hasn’t lost control of the world. The nations don’t belong to themselves. They belong to the Son because the Father has given all the nations of the world to Him. Though the nations believe they reign autonomously, the LORD laughs at them and is waiting because judgment is coming.

The LORD speaks to the kings of the world, “Be wise; be warned.” All should serve the LORD with reverent fear and even their rejoicing should have a trembling reverence about it. The kings of the earth must show submission to the Son (“Kiss the Son’) or they will be crushed by the Son.

This Psalm makes me stop, take a deep breath, and acknowledge the absolute authority of God. It could be frightening. Aren’t we part of the nations of the world? Don’t we live here under the sun? Don’t our leaders ignore the commands of God and put themselves in danger of God’s wrath? All these things are true, but the Psalm ends with comfort for God’s people.

“Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” Praise God.

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