From Vanishing Point to Vanishing Point

29th July, 2013 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Trying to wrap my head around the concept of eternity is nearly a futile endeavor.  What does “from everlasting to everlasting” mean?  A.W. Tozer says that the Hebrew lexicon translates these words “from vanishing point to vanishing point.”  Put in another way everlasting means from the vanishing point of the past to the vanishing point of the future. Of course, the vanishing points refer to man’s vanishing points, not God’s.

As I was reading these words from Tozer, “If I had a god that only lasted so long, that didn’t have eternity in His heart,” I actually had a brief panicky moment. What if God lasted only until the end of the age?  What if sometime in the future, even if it were thousands of years from now, God would end, then I too would end?  My eternal life depends upon a God who is from everlasting to everlasting.

In thinking about eternity today, I remembered one of my favorite commercials on television. A man sits in a classroom with five children around him and asks, “What’s the biggest number you know?” One child says, “Infinity,” and then next child says, “Infinity plus one.”  This is a rather insightful thought for a child.  But then the man replies, “Actually I was thinking of infinity times infinity,” and then he makes a “pooffing” sound as though his head is exploding at the greatest of that number.

Thinking about eternity makes my head pooff.  I am a creature of time.  I can only think in terms of time. Trying to grasp that God is up above and beyond time while at the same time in the middle of time — I just can’t do it!  But then, I don’t really need to understand.  All I need to know is that my time and my times and my eternity is linked up to the God who is eternal.

Tozer used one other illustration in his attempt to define eternity. He says to imagine a white sheet of paper infinitely large in every direction. On the infinite sheet of white paper is a black line one inch long.  That black line is all of time from Genesis 1:1 to the last page of Revelation when this world is gone. Can I grasp that picture?  Not totally, but it helps.

What does eternal mean?  Everlasting, forever, unto perpetuity, world without end.  I am eternal because my immortality is linked to the eternal of Jesus Christ.  Because He is eternal, I too am eternal in Him. I have my home in Him. My future is safe with Him. I can rest in the assurance that my eternalness never has an end, because God’s eternalness never has an end.

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