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In my conversations with families, this question has come up several times: “Do you have anything we could use  for family devotions?”  The God’s Great Covenant series is primarily a Bible curriculum. It tells the story of the Bible narrative. There are some ways, however, that you can use the books in a devotional way.

1) One of the unqiue features of  the God’s Great Covenant series is that it is theocentric. (The word theocentric comes from two Greek words, theo meaning “God” and centros meaning “center.  Theocentric means having a God-centered approach to studying Scripture.) Using the MAIN THEME, discuss the connection between the theocentric theme and the Bible story. Then discuss how that same theme can be seen in your child’s life (or in the life of someone in your family).

2.  Each  MEMORY PAGE in GCC: Old Testament, Book 1 has a WHO IS GOD? section. Using this as a guide, ask the question, “Who is God in this Bible passage?” Any time we meditate on an attribute or name of God, our thoughts can’t help but have a devotional focus.

3. The purpose of the THINK ABOUT IT … section of GCC: Old Testatment, Book 1 is to give the children a means by which they can  make practical application of Biblical truth to their lives. Often the focus of this section is one of examining the child’s heart or behavior in light of our goal as Christians to “find out what pleases the Lord” (Ephesians 5:10). 

4. The MESSAGE FROM THE KING section of GCC: Old Testament, Book 2 has a similar purpose as the WHO IS GOD? section of Book 1. Scripture is God’s means of communicating the message of who He is and how we can have a relationship with Him. The same message that God gave to the Israelites, He gives to us today.

5. As you read and study God’s Great Covenant together as a family, consider making a family journal that relates the themes in the curriculum to your own family’s experiences. Use pictures and photos and whatever else will make the journal colorful, interesting, and meaningful.

Do you have other ideas? Let me know how you have been able to make God’s story come alive for your family.

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