Summer Devotional Outing

9th July, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

Would you like a summer outing that is a fun devotional activity as well?  Here’s an idea that could work for the whole family.

Find a word picture of God in the Psalms — for example: “God is my Rock” (Psalm 28:1). Then do these three things:

1. Go for a hike and find a big boulder or rock formation. (In Pennsylvania where I live, it’s easy to find large outcroppings of rock in the woods or state parks.)

2. Describe all the characteristics of the rock. (A rock is a large rock that can’t be moved, doesn’t change from day to day, has existed for decades or possibly centuries, is something to lean on for support, can be a landmark for directions, is stable and won’t fall apart, etc.)

3. Meditate on the nature of God and why the Psalmist would compare God to a rock. (God has has existed forever, never changes, is steady and dependable, won’t “break apart” under pressure and let you down, etc.)

If you can’t go on a hike, find pictures of the rock formations in magazines or online. Maybe you could even research the history behind some of the famous rock formations in our country.

Ask each child to find his own word picture and design a family time around the metaphor. (Example: God is light — Discuss the characteristics of light and then using flashlights or lanterns go on a nighttime walk together.)

Don’t limit your search for word pictures to the Psalm. The prophets and gospels also give word pictures that could be fun to explore. As a family, see how many word pictures that you can find throughout the rest of the summer .

God gave us these word pictures because He wanted to impress upon us the beauty and perfection of His nature. Be creative in how you can bring these word pictures to life!

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