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claire_larsen_small1Claire Larsen has had a passion for writing for children ever since she took her first Institute for Children’s Literature course over  twenty years ago and one of her assignments was published in Jack and Jill magazine. Recently, this passion was reignited when her son, Dr. Aaron Larsen, co-author of  the Latin For Childres series, said, “Mom, you could write for Classical Academic Press. You could write the Bible For Children series!”  Initially sounding preposterous, the idea soon became a possibility that turned into a book proposal that eventually resulted in  Bible For Children — Book 1: The Pathway of God’s Promise. Claire graduated from Covenant College in 1970 where Professor Dr. John M.L.Young was instrumental in shaping her theological views and encouraging her  interest in studying the Scriptures. Through the years she has had a busy teaching ministry, first with children and later with women, leading Bible studies and and speaking at seminars. After raising three sons, she returned to school in 1996. She received a Master of Arts from Biblical Theological Seminary in 2000 and is self-employed as a Biblical Counselor. When she is not writing or counseling, she is spending time with her family or reading books. A writer needs to read, read, and read some more so reading books of all kinds is a favorite pasttime.  One of the things she most likes to do is visit her grandchildren,  Lauren, Lyla, and Christian, and read picture books with them.