About the Books

14th February, 2009 - Posted by Claire Larsen - No Comments

God’s Great Covenant is a four-book series that relates the narrative of the Bible chronologically with an emphasis upon God’s covenant relationship with His people and His sovereign Kingship over all the earth. Designed for children beginning at the second grade level, the books make difficult truths simple while at the same time explaining deep theological truth through the vehicle of a story, because, of course, the Bible is ultimately God’s story.

God’s Great Covenant: Old Testament 1 – Genesis through Ruth (including Job). The Mighty God, Elohim, created the world by the power of His words. Yet this transcendent God desired an intimate relationship with the people He created. Though mankind fell from glorious perfection into degrading sin, the LORD God promised a Savior because having a relationship with His created beings was important to Him. The first book introduces the covenant, a promise that the LORD God made  with His people to be present with them and bless them. He said, “I will be your God and you will be My people.”  From the Garden of Eden to the land of Canaan down into Egypt and back to Canaan, God’s people followed the pathway of God’s promise. Five themes stand out as God reveals Himself: God’s power, God’s promises, God’s redemption, God’s provisions, and God’s faithfulness. God was always faithful, and He always kept His promises.

God’s Great Covenant: Old Testament 2 – 1 Samuel through Malachi.  It wasn’t long after conquering and possessing the land that God’s people demanded a king. Their demand was more than a desire for a human ruler; it was a rejection of the LORD God as their king.  Even so, God allowed the Israelites to have kings. Although a few rulers like David, Jehoshaphat, and Josiah, followed the LORD, most of them worshipped idols, led the people into sin, and rejected the covenant their ancestors had made with the LORD God. So often it seemed that kingdom was falling apart and God’s purposes were doomed to fail. Yet, behind the scenes, the Ultimate King, God Himself, reigned supreme. He was keeping His Kingdom safe. The LORD was the King who anoints, blesses, reigns, judges, and then restores. Eventually the people’s idolatry resulted in the destruction of the nation, first the northern kingdom of Israel and then the southern kingdom of Judah. But the LORD God had a plan proclaimed by the prophets and recorded in Scripture — a plan that a King would come, fulfill the covenant, and establish God’s Kingdom on earth.  And, all God’s faithful people kept looking for the King who would come!

God’s Great Covenant: New Testament 1 — The Gospels. The King did come! Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, fully God and fully man, came to earth as a baby. Jesus was the fulfillment of the covenant and the long-awaited King. No one, except some shepherds and the Magi, knew that the King had come. He grew up in obscurity and poverty, and when He did reveal Himself  through miracles and authoritative teaching, He was rejected by His family and the religious leaders. Only a small group of disciples followed Him, watching, learning, and being prepared to take His gospel to the world. Jesus showed Himself as the Son of Man, God’s Servant, the Messiah, and the Son of God. Yet even His faithful followers deserted Him at the end. In disgrace, this King was falsely accused and executed. Once again, it seemd as though the King’s plan had failed, but not so! Jesus had to die to redeem His people from their sin, but He rose again, and through this resurrection, He secured salvation for His people and guaranteed the victory of God’s Kingdom.

God’s Great Covenant: New Testament 2 – Acts, Epistles, and Revelation.  Jesus, the resurrected Lord, returned to heaven to rule His Kingdom with His Father in heaven. He was the mediator of the new covenant, which was the Old Testament covenant renewed and expanded to reach the entire world. As prophets proclaimed in the Old Testament, now Jesus declares, “I am your God, and you are My people. I will never leave or forsake you.” After ascending to heaven, Jesus equipped His followers with the Holy Spirit and sent them into the world with the mystery of the gospel message. The covenant which began in the Garden of Eden, promising redemption, now spread throughout the world, and God, faithful to His covenant promises and sovereign in His rule over the nations, guided and protected His people as they spread the Good News and made the name of Jesus Christ known throughout the world.